7 Amazing Ways You Can Get Acrylic Nails

Are you looking to change it up this season and enjoy some truly unique and amazing acrylic nails?  If you’re tired of going with a statement nail, or you’re over the standard colors that you have to choose from, allow us to freshen up your imagination and your nails with some of the best and biggest trends that will be sure to give you the appeal you’re going for.  Take a look at 7 amazing options for unique acrylic beauty that does it a little differently to keep you interested.

Go with a bold color:

Maybe you go with bold colors anyway, but a true powerful color is going to make your eyes pop open in wonder. If you go with red or pink normally, try something like blue or even silver. If you go with black or nude or soft pastel, shock yourself with electric green or neon orange.  Just have fun with color and see where it brings you as far as energy and motivation.

Combine color with the pattern:

If you want to enjoy your favorite color but spice it up a bit, add in a pattern. Maybe it’s leopard print on your accent nail, or maybe it’s a colored nail with French tips in a geometric print. Maybe it’s a marble touch mixed with your favorite hues. Whatever feels right to you, combine pattern in with color in some way to transform it into something fresh and new.

Play with ombre:

You’ve probably seen an ombre nail before, but have you ever seen an ombre pattern spanning throughout your fingertips? From numb to pinkie (or vice versa), allow the color to shift from shade to shade and nail to nail and enjoy a really mesmerizing ombre effect.  For bonus points, especially if you’re going with a DIY approach, take the same ombre approach but do it from the pinkie of one hand to the pinkie of the other.  All 10 tips can help shift the shade and create a truly unique effect that is going to get you lots of positive attention for all of the right reasons.

Experiment with texture:

Another popular trend for all of the right reasons is playing with texture. For some, it’s something subtle like marbling in the polish (as mentioned above). For others, it’s something a little bit bolder such as cow spots or polka dots or even the idea of literal texture through paper and other embossing touches.  There are so many ways to make your manicure pop, so go wild with texture and enjoy the fun!

Play with a matte finish:

While acrylic nails often have the classic glossy appeal that’s beautiful, iridescent, and gives that professional appeal, you can also try out something totally hot right now: a matte finish. Similar to how lipstick is trending, you can get plenty of matte finish nail polishes — particularly with acrylic manicures — that are going to help you to enjoy something totally polished and vibrant, but quietly. The matte finish is for those that also like the acrylic look and feel but don’t want the shellac effect of classic finish nail polisher.

Change it up if you want to:

This is important. Whether you’re going with bold colors, pattern, texture, or ombre, don’t feel that you have to stick with it. Just because it’s a hot and popular look doesn’t mean that it has to be your hot and popular look.  If you don’t like its appeal and you’re counting down the days until you get a new mani, make sure you take the time to figure out what you hate or like about the style and then use that to help you design the next one a little more carefully. Since nail art is all about self-expression, it’s important that you don’t feel stuck with something that just doesn’t feel like you.

Don’t skimp on the glam:

If you want to continue on your path of doing something entirely different, you need to glam it up. From bedazzling sparkle accents to nail polishes with glitter in it, really play around with some glitter and glam.  If you’re not used to it, go with French glitter tips. Or, go for glitter on your chosen accent nail.  However, you choose to play around with it, go bold and big and really enjoy the little extra dazzle it’ll bring — literally.  Going with bedazzling can also really help bring home the options for texture, too.  Since you can go 3D, it’ll make the whole nail pop and shimmer.

Accessories matter:

When you are searching for a nail buffer in order to prepare your nails for the best manicure ever, you’ll want to pay attention to the nail buffer block that you are relying on.  While the best buffer is going to be the one that you use the most (ie: it’s comfortable, doesn’t degrade your nail, etc), you also want to make sure that you’re going with one that is of high quality. The best nail buffers are going to give you that sanding block feels without the sensation of the effect of your nail being destroyed!

If you need help picking your nail buffer, do some shopping around for top-quality options. You’ll find no shortage of them out there and they’ll all help you get the best manicure of your life — seriously. Accessories make a huge difference to the quality, effect, and longevity of your acrylic manicure, so do it right!

These 7 exciting ideas are going to be the best ones out there for you to have a manicure worth posting on Instagram.  The neat thing is that these are only some of the options that are popular online, and all it takes is a quick search to find even more of them to choose from. Whether you liked all of these, or you found yourself drawn to more one or two of them, they’ll be the sure ways to get you social media ready and give you that extra little swing in your step.

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