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The Trendiest Nail Art Designs To Ace At Any Special Occasion

Are you going to get nail art? However, you’re uncertain what you need? There are several dazzling nail arts and designs for different occasions and seasons you can choose from; Nail art is a great way to express oneself. It also helps you create a glamour look for any outfit without over-accessorizing. Whether you love sharp colors or nude patterns, there are many nail art designs for absolutely everyone.

Everyone wants their nails looking good for the festive season as it is one of the most popular times of the year for manicures, so apart from getting super busy if you are looking for timeless stunning. On-trend designs for your occasion, then surely you are on the right page; we gathered the top nail trends to excel on any occasion.

Valentines Little Hearts

Valentine day is connected to heart when it is about valentine day nail art first thing which comes to mind is heart and love; your day will become much more classy and pleasant when you have a little sweetheart on your nails; we will be detailing the most likable pattern to wear hearts on your nail that will look so lovely and super romantic.

There is not a long list of accessories that will be required; all you need is:

  • Red nail polish
  • Wood stick
  • Light baby pink nail polish
  • Topcoat

Steps to follow:

  • Apply baby pink nail polish on your nails
  • Take a wood stick and dip it in red nail polish, then gently create a small heart on your nails. Create hearts in a zigzag manner so every heart will be in a different row. Let it dry, and do not overdo it.
  • Apply a clear top coat on your nails to make it look sleek.

Christmas Sparkle

Maroon is all favorite wintery color to feel Christmassy, and with a little Sparkle, it can be shockingly amazing. A little shimmer is actually all you have to glitz up a generally dull nail trim or take your nail art to the next level.

All you need:

  • Maroon nail polish
  • Golden glitter nail polish
  • Makeup sponge
  • Nail art brush
  • White nail polish

Steps to follow:

  • Apply the maroon nail polish to every one of your nails, aside from the nail on the ring finger. Make your nail art look excellent by applying brilliant sparkle nail polish on that nail. The brilliant shine and sparkle nail polish will add more spirit to your nail art.
  • Give your nails some occasion marvelousness by applying the brilliant sparkle nail polish on your nails’ tips to make an ombre impact. Apply this sparkle on your center finger. You can likewise utilize a foundation sponge to apply the sparkle with that it doesn’t look exaggerated.
  • Now on the index and little fingers, take a dainty nail striper, dunk it in white nail paint, and draw two even lines just beneath the tips of your nails.
  • Apply a reasonable top coat to seal the nail design.

Winter Snowflakes

If we talk about winters, there is nothing says winter in a better way than snowflakes. And for that, you need to add a little winter shimmer to your nails with a merry snowflakes look at the simple bit by bit steps. Snowflake nails are easy and the simplest winter nail art you can do—no nail art tools, complex methods with striping tape, or over the top drying time. We give you the easier and quick technique for winter art, which is done in one go, and it takes a few minutes on hands, including drying time. Pick a base shading to polish your nails and draw some snowflake design with some other differentiating shading.

All you need:

  • Blue nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Silver glittery nail polish
  • Nail art brush
  • Topcoat

Steps to follow:

  • Apply blue nail polish on clean nails
  • Apply one coat of glittery silver nail polish on nails one by one and let them dry.
  • On the lower right end of the nail, draw a line and then create an “X” over it, intersecting the first straight line.
  • Make little angled lines at the end of each tip of the snowflake.
  • Finally, conceal every nail with a clear topcoat, and here you go!

New Year’s Eve Glam

The most waited day of the year, and finally, it’s New Year’s Eve, and everything is shimmering, stunning outfits, champagne, and firecrackers illuminating the sky. So we should check whether we can get a few shines on our fingertips as well. These Sparkling New Year’s Eve nails are simple and snappy. Regardless of whether you’re invigorating your plain dim nails ultimately or preparing for a unique event, this nail art will convey. Super classy results with the least effort making it ideal for newbies.

All you need:

  • Dark color nail polish
  • Basecoat and topcoat
  • Lightning bolt nail stickers
  • Powder glitter in 2 different colors
  • Fluffy brush

Steps to follow:

  • Apply a double layer of dark nail polish. To make it dry quickly, apply 1 top coat of fast drying coat.
  • Paste the Lightning Bolt nail stickers in the mid of the nail.
  • Select 2 colors of powder glitter, open them all, and put a paper towel under your hand. Start with one nail—paint one side of the nail with a topcoat. Then pick up some other color glitter on a brush and lightly strew over the newly painted part of the nail.
  • Do the same with the other colors. As per step 3, add silver or copper to your nail. It would help if you worked fast before the topcoat dries. Now remove the sticker.
  • Redo steps 3 and 4 on the other nails. Wait a few minutes for your nails to set and dry, then dust away all the shimmer that didn’t stick to the nails with a big, fluffy brush.
  • Now finally, lock your design with a coat of a clear, fast-drying topcoat. Here you have your glam new year nails.
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