Glamorous Nail Shape Trends In 2020

Getting your nails done is such an important part of self-care. When you want to indulge and enjoy to the fullest, you’ll want to spend time remembering all of the important things to think about. Sure, color is important, and so is length…but what about shape?  When going with a powder dip nail, you have […]

10 Proven Steps to Strengthen Nails

Despite what some may think on the matter, proper nail care is not only critical to your health, it’s also a great example of self-care. If you’re looking at your nails and wondering how you can strengthen naturally, you’ve come to the right place. From working with acrylic and gel nails to learning about the […]

Top Nail Trends and Design In 2020

As we know with the every coming new year, there may be a new set of all trends, but none are quite as creative as nail art trends. So, we gathered the trends which were asked by the specialists for their predictions of what we will be seeing on our Instagram feeds for the rest […]