What Our Clients
Have To Say


Doing my nails at home now. This is a great bundle of nail buffers, used this to prep my nails before polish, gel, acrylics, or even press on.

Lynne Brosco

I absolutely love these. Used it to get my nails back in shape after I have acrylics or gel. They're easy to hold on to, and there are three sides to use for filing.


I love the packaging. I love buffing my nails out because sometimes I just want bare nails and I like that buffing them out leaves a smooth and shiny appearance.

Melissa Clark

I love this product. It shapes the nail almost instantly. Most of the buffers on the market fall apart after only one use but this one does not.

John & Crystal Gaus

They are the perfect size to hold on to. The coarse side is great for shaping my nail and the finish side is even better for that perfect finish. Very happy with this buffer.

Vio Shasa

I like the quality of the buffer it doesn’t tear or break like others I’ve purchased. Love these nail buffers, definitely recommend them and will buy again.