Step by Step Guide for Finger Nail Buffer

An essential part of nail pampering is the manicure and pedicure. Your hands and feet never take a day off, so taking care of them, especially in cold and harsh winters, is important. For your health and well-being, daily manicures and pedicures will actually have great benefits. More than just filing your nails and spraying them with nail polish, an impressive manicure requires more but you can do it in the comfort of your own home by yourself.

When doing a manicure, a lot of attention is paid to nail polish and cuticles. But sometimes we miss the planning of the nail itself. That’s when it comes to buffing and nail buffering. With a buffer block or nail buffer that is made of various forms of grit, nail buffing is simply polishing the nails. There’s one instrument that can make your work so simple when it comes to performing a DIY manicure, you’ll want to manicure your nails every week!

Nail Buffer

Nail buffing is an act of using a nail buffer to smooth the nails. It consists of successive layers of finer grit that makes your nails look bright and even. A suitable nail buffer is the secret to perfect and smooth nails. It leaves a perfect and lasting effect on your nails. It can also be used to smooth nail ends or for a broken nail to be replaced. To be used in your manicure tool, a nail buffer is a must.

It is available in three different types including Buffing blocks which are three-dimensional nail buffers with three to four surfaces that have different coarseness levels for each surface, Buffing discs which are small circular discs with fine grit for nail bed polishing and 3 in one buffer which consists of a buffer, emery board and a polisher in one unit, as the name implies.

Farxon Best Nail Buffer Block

Farxon’s Professional Nail Buffer Block Set – 3D Agronomic Flex Buffer for Filing, Sculpting and Buffing to Perfection. These Nail buffers blocks are made of Eva Foam recyclable material. 100% Eco-Friendly sandpaper with three working grit sides. Go smoothly for a perfect nail treatment without causing any chip or crack. A perfect Nail Care Tool for your Home and Spa.

Superbly trimmed Nails are an important part of a womanly beauty and elegance of a masculine.  Your cuticles expose how you do self-care. Farxon is a dermatologically tested magic tool for your nails` beauty, health and shine. It is 100% home-friendly, chemicals free product and made from natural and organic materials.

Nail File Block

Nail file blocks are super flexible and if you want to wear polish, they can smooth out ridges, make your nails look shiny and safe and even help your polish stick. Most of the 4 sides of nail buffers have the same characteristics, with each side numbered, so you can start with ‘side one’ and work your way to ‘side four.’

  1. File: Great for taking your nails to the shape of your choice. This is the side to use, square or curved, to form your nail.
  2. Buff: To help buff away any ridges or peels, run this side over your entire nail. However, be careful not to overdo it, as the nail can be weakened by unnecessary buffing.
  3. Polish: To help smooth down the new nail surface and achieve any tiny imperfections missed by the buffing stage, use a finer buffer.
  4. Shine: The final move is to leave your nails with a perfect shine so that they are ready for a slice of polish!

Buffer Nail File

Buffing is a vital step in preserving your nail care routine, so make sure that when using a nail buffer, you follow the correct techniques.

It’s important to have clean and polish free nails before starting with buffing. So if your nails have some existing nail polish on them, remove it by using a nail cutter to trim before filing, if your nails exceed from your fingertips. This will make it easier to file your nails.

Place your buffing nail filer on one of the corners of the nail. Slide it gently from the corner in a single direction to the center. Raise and repeat the motion with the buffer nail file. Likewise, repeat this from the other corner. From both corners, keep filing your nails until you get your perfect form. Make sure your nail filer’s motion is not harsh back and forth. There may be some rough bits of nail still attached to the tip of your nail after you have obtained your perfect nail shape. In that case, put the buffer nail file under the tip and remove the nail filings in a flicking motion to create a smooth edge.

Manicure Buffing

Remove the nail polish that you are wearing in order to start off. In order to gently remove your old nail polish, use a non-acetone nail polish remover and cotton pads. Keep the fingernail buffer parallel to your nails and put the fingernail buffer on the nail’s broad grit side. Now, in a softly unidirectional stroke, buff your nail in the form of an X. Keep the fingernail buffer parallel to the nails and put on your nail the finer grit side of the nail buffer. Make just six to eight strokes because your nails can be weakened over buffing. For every nail, repeat this process.

Place the smooth side of the fingernail buffer on your nail and shift it over the entire surface of your nail in a tiny circular motion. Moving the nail buffer will give your nails shine in a tiny circular motion. Continue the motion until it becomes glossy and polished for your nails.

By soaking it helps to soften the cuticles of nails. The dust and dead skin cells are removed by it. To avoid any traces of dirt, use a soft nail brush to clean the nails and the skin around them. Do not forget to scrape the nails beneath. As it can hurt them, avoid over-soaking your nails and hands.

To give your nails extra shine or moisture, apply cuticle oil to the skin that borders each nail and use your fingers to massage the oil into your cuticles after applying it to each nail.

Your polish might not last as well if your nails are all shiny. To remove any residue from the buffing and dehydrate the nail a little before applying polish, make sure you clean your nails with a nail polish remover or an alcohol prep pad. Think of your fingernail as a flawless canvas that must first be primed before it can become a piece of art!

Benefits of a Nail Buffer

  • Blood circulation in your nail bed is enhanced by the act of buffing your nails.
  • It provides you with a smoother surface for the nail polish to stick to as you buff off the ridges.
  • Buffing leaves the nails with an appealing smoothness and perfection. So you can skip the nail polishing stage as well.
  • Buffing your nails also motivates them to grow. This is because of your nail surface’s enhanced blood supply.
  • It also helps to eliminate stains from the paint.

Buffing the nails provides them with a natural glow. Nevertheless, abundance of something is terrible. Gently and in one direction, it should be finished. Intense buffing can result in nails being chipped and dried out.

Things to remember while Buffing

  • Thumbnail rubbing will improve facial hair growth, so don’t rub your thumbs.
  • During pregnancy, do not rub your nails because it can cause uterine contractions and cause high blood pressure.
  • Avoid doing it, if you are already experiencing or have endured hypertension in the past, as this may lead to higher blood pressure.
  • If the nails are soft, do not buff.
  • Do not overdo it, because it can damage the nails
  • Do this for just 5-10 minutes a day, for better results twice a day, but no more.


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