Farxon Professional Nail Buffer

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Nail Buffer Blocks 10 Pcs | 60/60/100 Grits 3-way Buffing Blocks| Nail Care Mani-Pedi Tool for Home & Spa

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These Nail buffers blocks are made of sponge sandpaper with three working grit sides, that runs smoothly for a perfect nail treatment without causing any chip or crack.

2-in-1 Nail Buffers

It has two 60 grit (coarse) and 100 grit sides (medium-coarse). 100 grit side is used to shape side walls, free edge, removes scratches after hard file and 60 grit side can remove stubborn calluses, corns.

This Nail buffer Block made it easier to shape up fingernails, toenails of yourself, and loved ones at the comfort of your home. Use it to remove cuticles, calluses, large nail ridges of hand and feet

These are suitable for acrylic nails and natural nail as well. It can do gel nails, prep nails for UV polish, remove glue of the nails, polish nails and do much more. The buffing block is lightweight and convenient to be carried for business travels, vacations so you never miss a chance to amaze others with your nail art.

Easy to Use:

1. Clean the nail. Cut cuticle and file if needed.4 1
2. Place buffer parallels to nail and gently buff the nails.
3. Make only six to eight strokes.
4. Repeat it on other nails.

Benefits of Nail Shine Buffer:

• Bring shine to acrylic or natural nails.
• Give a smooth nail surface for nail polish for a neat finish.
• Increases blood circulation and speed up nail growth.
• Remove surface stains.
• Shape and debulk acrylic nails.

Keep this handy nail file block for salon, makeup studio, nail art competition, pet clinic, and home. Comes in a nice pack of 10, so you may gift it to a friend who is a nail art freak.

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