Got Nails Peeling? – Here are 5 Reasons Why!

We all love those uber-chic manicured nails that add the extra oomph to our entire look. Even when everything is dull and boring, bright nail color is enough to get that extra kick and keeps us going. However, peeling nails are one painful yet common experience for most nail queens. Imagine ending up with chipped or cracked nails just when you were planning to sport your latest acrylics on your beach party – the ultimate nightmare. Many of us end up wondering why are the nails peeling and thinning?

Nails peeling, cracking, or thinning cannot be linked with a single reason. There can be one or more reasons why your nails are struggling to survive. However, here are some major reasons that are common culprits behind weakened nails


Medical Conditions

Before you move on to evaluate any other possible reasons behind your nails peeling or cracking issues, you should rule out any medical reasons. Often body parts such as nails, skin, and hair suffer due to some underlying medical conditions such as hormonal disbalance or medicinal side effects. This can only be determined after running the necessary tests. Therefore, it is recommended that you see your physicians and rule out any medical possibilities. In case there are any medical reasons at play, your physician will advise you accordingly.


We live in an era driven by a glamorous, yet unhealthy lifestyle. Our eating and sleeping habits ad lifestyle choices have resulted in common deficiencies. Vitamin B7 or Biotin is one of the most important elements of hair and nail strength. If you have a B7 deficiency, your nails and hair are bound to get weak. Pay attention to what you are eating. Eliminate junk and processed food and go organic. Add more protein and calcium to your diet and fill in your deficiencies with vitamin supplements. These supplements are safe for consumption, are easily available, and do not require a medical prescription.

Protect from Chemicals

Household cleaning agents and detergents contain harmful chemicals, which can potentially harm your nails if your nails are regularly exposed to them while you are at housekeeping. We won’t ask you to stop cleaning up of course, but make sure you put on a pair of gloves before you go on a scrubbing spree next time.

Let Those Nails Breath!

Polish is amazing, acrylics are awesome and gel is gorgeous. However, they can be too much for your nails to put up with if you are doing them too much. You need to understand that your nails are organs that can be exhausted when you make them undergo such routines regularly. Allow them a breathing space. Let them remain unpolished for some days so that the tissues regain their strength.

Easy On The Buff

Nail buffing is super important. That being said, it is also important that you what type of buffer you need to use and how exactly to buff your nails. Many people end up ruining their nails because they are either using the wrong grit size or buffing their nails too harshly. It is recommended that you pick a nail buff that offers multiple grit sizes in a single tool. Besides that, make sure your Nail Buffer is made of a good quality sanding surface that is gentle on your nail bed, edges, and cuticles.

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