Glamorous Nail Shape Trends In 2020

Getting your nails done is such an important part of self-care. When you want to indulge and enjoy to the fullest, you’ll want to spend time remembering all of the important things to think about. Sure, color is important, and so is length…but what about shape?  When going with a powder dip nail, you have to really think about your nail’s shape to make the most out of it. To help you get the most out of the options, let’s take a look at the best nail shape trends in 2020.

The hottest nail shapes:

These are thought to be the most common shapes that are on the market when it comes to both stylists and influencers alike. Have you had any of these before?  Do you have preferences in one over the other?  Take a look and see what you think!

  • Coffin:

Okay, so the name is rather ominous, but the nail shape itself will be a wonderful option to consider. They hug the nail’s natural shape and then end off with a rectangular finish that is slightly narrower than the nail little. It seems wider and round on the top and narrower and square at the bottom, like a coffin!

  • Classic Oval/Almond:

You’ve probably seen this one before, though you may not be aware of it. It is a classic oval shape that often mimics an almond shape. It rounds us smoothly from the nail’s shape and should be visually identical to its natural shape. There are no points or sharp ending to this kind of shape.

  • Square-Tipped:

Another popular feel is one that has been popular for many years. This one has around shaping at the top of the nail and then comes to a strict straight edge outside the nail bed. It should be as wide as the nail and then have a perfectly straight square tipping it for that finished edge.

  • Stiletto/Pointed:

If you like the idea of sharp lines, you’ll love this! Appropriately named after a pointy shoe, this nail will mimic it with pointed centers that look like claws. When you love the edgy vibe with lots of character, these are great. They can even be sharpened to a point!

  • “Squoval”:

Love the oval and the square tipping and can’t choose between them? That’s okay; these nails are for you!  They gave you the fun shaping and edging that you expect from the square tips, but they round those edges and bit to help you enjoy the statement style but on a softer side. These are often popular as well for being the best of both styles!

  • Gentle points:

Another classic style is the idea of taking the stiletto but softening it. This will bring your nail to a point in the center, but it will soften it enough to look similar to the classic points you’re used to seeing. Great for giving presence to your nail without hurting yourself or accidentally stabbing somebody else!

Prepare properly:

As you start to figure out which one you want to enjoy, you’ll need to also focus on the right details for nail health.  It all matters to make the most out of your choice from buffer block to proper long-term prep.

  • Decide on length:

    The first factor to consider is the length of your nails. Ideally, you’ll decide this before you get to work with your buffing block. If you’re cutting your natural nail shorter than the style you want, there’s no point wasting time, effort, and supplies, right?

  • Get familiar with your nail buffer:

    It’s all and good to have a sanding buffing polisher, but do you know how to use these tools for good? Have you gotten used to your nail buffer’s limits as well as best practices to rough up your nail without accidentally weakening your nail in the process?  These are all important details to get right first so that you don’t need to wait until your nail repairs itself before your dress up your nail for the world to see. Just because you’ve got one of those polishers that can sand and buy and prepare it for polish doesn’t mean that you have to put it at its maximum power and use. Great power comes with great. Responsibility, right?  Make sure you use it carefully and responsibly. This also goes for your manicurist!

  • Don’t skimp the prep stages:

    Another important part of getting the most out of your manicure and the shape you choose is that your nail should be in its best health. This starts long before you head to the spa or sit down with the tools. You have to keep your nails strong by reducing their access to water and also promoting extra strength through nail oils that can help strengthen them as they grow. Practice proper hygiene in terms of moisturization, too. Use hand creams liberally, and make sure that you don’t skip the nails! There are the usual things, too, like waiting between manicurist sessions to make sure that nail has time to heal from the “trauma” of the powder dipping.  You’ll also want to make sure that you refrain from chewing your nails or cracking them unnecessarily.

You now have all of the tips and advice you need to get out there and choose a nail shape that will make you feel like a goddess. Even if you never thought that something with the name of “coffin” would ever appeal to you (who could blame you?) in terms of the nail’s shape, it’s hard to resist the cute shape that it’ll bring. More interested in something like the squoval?  You certainly aren’t alone, and it’s one of the best options to seriously consider when looking at the most popular trends for nail shapes in 2020.  The best definition example of “glamourous” is whatever it means to you!

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