Everyone loves colors on nails no matter at which age group we belong, we don’t have to be serious all the time. As we know rainbow is a symbol of hope, and we all want to add colors in our lives. When we want to make some rainbow-themed nail art there are different tools available such as, Brushes stickers use of stenciled patterns, sponges, strips of tapes, stamps and more nail art kits that can be easily found. Still, the most significant part of all would be the nail polish. There’s just something really amusing about having a rainbow at your fingertips as you go through life. The rainbow pattern comes in numerous creative nail designs.


Want to Try some Multi Colored Rainbow Nail Arts?

multi colored rainbow nail arts

Here we gathered a bunch of some pretty rainbow nail designs for you. They are perfect for any season, show your love with these truly amazing nail art design and ideas and take the center stage. Colorful rainbow at your fingertips looks super cool and funky.

Rainbow Tie Dye Nails

Many of you might be a basic French tips lover but now try this beautiful colors in tie and dye rainbow nails, for this you can take any light color nail polish it can be nude or any light beige color for the background to look rainbow more prominent and center of the stage, and then step by step apply the different colors to create rainbow tie and dye manicure. While this rainbow manicure is pretty simple, your multi-colored nails will definitely grab the attention of the audience.

Rainbow Polka Dot Nails

Rainbow polka dots are very trendy and eye-catching rainbow nails, Rainbow Colors, Polka dot rainbow nails are for all seasons that are classic yet breezy. Since Polka dot Pattern is tremendously adorable & trendy you must try this pattern in your day occasions and the best thing about this art you don’t need to be a pro for this amazing nail art work. If you haven’t had a chance to try nailing art with a stamping plate, get your hands on one as they make designing nails an enjoyable and so much fun. 

Rainbow Polka Dot Nails

Rainbow of Color Nails

Rainbow of Color Nails

This is undoubtedly the coolest and simplest way to do a rainbow manicure without any time taking tricks and techniques. All you need to do is just pick the multiple color of nail polish which you like the most, it can be a solid one or if you want to add some glam then you can take a glittery one as well then color on each finger. This is the most less time consuming pattern you can have for your rainbow nails. 

Rainbow Heart Nails

Heart designs are every ones favorite especially if the love season is going. It enhances the beauty of your hand if your nail hearts are in multicolored. The best thing about these hearts nail art pattern is they don’t require any tools at all just simply your regular nail polish. Since it was Valentine day is coming up shortly these rainbow hearts will be perfect for it. It can be adjusted to fit fall, winter, and spring seasons as well. If you are not good at free hand designing grab nail stickers.

rainbow heart nails

Bold Rainbow with Jewel Nails

Vibrant colors are always appealing whereas bold, bright shades of blue, green, red and pink are used to create this vibrant rainbow design. As if the supremacy of these shades were enough, to make them look more mesmerizing add tiny little jewels to decorate the edge of the nail bed it will add more glam in your day. Yet, these features work together seamlessly, for a truly eye-catching rainbow nail art.

Bold Rainbow with Jewel Nails​

Glittery Rainbow Nails

Glittery Rainbow Nails​

Glitters always grab the attention and add some sparkle in your mood. This nail design is just so glittery and you going to love it as well! Every inch of this design looks glittery, because actual glitters were used to create this design, not polish with glitter in it, try this glamorous piece of art and shine your day. This is the coolest idea for you boring days it will not even take too much of your time within few minutes you will be ready to rock the floor

Tips to Apply Multi Colored Rainbow Stickers

  • Buff the edges and clean the nail surface using professional nail buffer.
  • Choose the sticker according to your nail size.
  • Remove the transparent layer from the sticker and pull it out gently.
  • Stick round side to the nail and you can reposition as well with our damaging the sticker.
  • Push the nail sticker from the inside of the edge and stretch it for removing any wrinkle.
  • Buff downward to remove the excess nail strip.

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