10 Proven Steps to Strengthen Nails

Despite what some may think on the matter, proper nail care is not only critical to your health, it’s also a great example of self-care. If you’re looking at your nails and wondering how you can strengthen naturally, you’ve come to the right place. From working with acrylic and gel nails to learning about the importance of a nail buffer block, you’ll be able to give yourself the self-care you deserve and have strong nails in all of the ways that count!  Here are some tips to give your nails the best strength and avoid peeling your nails.

Remove your gel and acrylic nails properly: 

One of the biggest mistakes that nail enthusiasts make is to rip off gel and acrylic nails at home. Under normal circumstances, this should only be done at a nail salon where the proper tools and formulas can be used to do it. However, if you find yourself up to the challenge at home, here’s what you’ll want to do.

  • File your nails and clip off any extensions:

    Clip off any fake extensions that you have on your nail and get as close to your natural nail as possible. Then file your nails with a high, gentle grit, being extra cautious to file away the acrylic or gel nail polisher rather than your actual nail.

  • Soak the min acetone for 5-10 minutes:

    Once you’ve gotten as much off as you can this way, soak cotton balls into pure acetone and use tinfoil to hold them over your fingernails for 5-10 minutes. You’ll know it’s ready if the gel simply comes up off like gum or sticky paste. Gently use the cotton pad to wipe it all away, being careful not to scratch or scrub at your nail as you do so. Repeat as many times as necessary.

  • Get used to buffing:

    Once you’ve got your nails clear of any nail polish, you can use a proper buffer block to gently cuff the surface of your nails and make sure that they are clear from leftover acetone as well as scraps of gel or acrylic. This also helps the nail “breathe”, which can be helpful to nail health and strength.

  • Clip and file again:

    If you’re satisfied with buffing, use a nail clip to trim your nails as short as possible to your fingertips and then file again for a smooth finish.

  • Pamper your nails with cuticle oil:

    Give your nails a bit of pampering with a generous amount of cuticle oil. Use this all over your fingertips and allow it to sink in completely. Once this is done, follow it with moisturizing cream for your hands, paying special attention to your nails.

A nail is only as strong as its care. Learning how to safely and properly remove false nails and coatings if you are unable to go in and get it done properly is going to help keep them as strong as possible for your next manicure appointment.

General nail strengthening tips: 

You know that you can find polishers that’ll help protect our nail, but did you know that there are other more general tips you can do to help enjoy strong, dependable nails that you’ll be able to grow out?  Here are some guides to rely on.

  • Carefully choose your file grit:

    When you are choosing the nail file that you use, pay very careful attention to the grit that it has. While nail files are designed to be high grit (meaning they’re not especially abrasive), some can be more abrasive than others. Always go for the higher grit, more sensitive files to prevent our nail from weakening and splitting. Always be gentle with your file, too.

  • Get the best nail buffer block money can buy:

    A nail buffer block is going to help clear your nails and give them room to refresh themselves, particularly after you’ve taken off the polisher or the false nail coatings. You’ll want to buy a professional quality nail buffer that will help refresh your nails without stripping off their protective layers.

  • Space out your spa treatments:

    While it feels natural and normal to head to the spa for a manicure and a pedicure as soon as you’ve removed all traces of your last one, or it’s starting to look ragged, you’ll want to space out your treatments instead. No matter how professional the spa or the nail specialist is, our nails are only able to withstand so much “trauma” (treatments and polishers) before the start to degrade. Give your nails some time in-between treatments.

  • Skip the nail polisher:

    Are you someone who just can’t stand the look of plain nails? That even between manicure appointments you enjoy a clear or sparkly coat of shimmering polisher?  Even if you do go with non-toxic nail polishers, these are still hard on the nail. Nails are porous and will absorb the polisher. The more you use them, the less they have time to recover. So, get used to naked and “dull” nails with no polisher on top of them.

  • Don’t soak your nails:

    While proper hydration through nail oils and hand creams is important, you’ll want to avoid soaking your nails in bathwater or dishwater. This will weaken your nail over time and can lead to broken nails as well as poor nail beds that can make it harder for a manicure to take.

When looking to strengthen your nails, the best tips are the ones that you actually find yourself able to integrate into your life. Maybe some of these feel better than others. Maybe you had no idea you were removing your false nails wrong all this time.  Perhaps you’ll know to skip the bargain nail buffer and get a good one instead. Everyone’s different.  By adapting to as many of these practices as possible for nail care and protection, you’ll be able to give your nails proper health and strength, both of which will make them better overall and give you those glossy, strong, and durable nails you’ve always dreamed of having.

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