Everything You Needs to Know About Nail Buffing

Fine trimmed Nails are the most prominent part of Women’s beauty and elegance of a man, however, cuticles reveal that how much care you do, do you really know how to treat your nails at the finest without weekly visits to the spa? Farxon’s disposable file buffer is the answer, it is a dermatologically tested magic tool for your nail care, their health and shine it is a complete home-based chemicals free, natural, and organic treatment. Farxon nail buffer is a professional buffing tool that helps to remove the right amount of bad cuticles and helps repair damaged nail.

Buffing Nail Beds and Cleaning Cuticles

Fingernail and toenail are composed of a laminated layer of a protein called keratin, if your nails are ignored it may grow pits and groove that leaves a bad impression of your personality.

Farxon natural nail strengthener – mini home spa

Dermatologists claim that while removing cuticles and dead skin many manicurists peel off the base skin of nails that essentially helps prevent fungal infections and therefore, is terrible for nail health. Farxon nail buffers and filers reduce those inaccuracies, help utterly healthy and perfect buffing, removes ridge, and buff nails evenly.

Premium Quality Nail Treatment

Farxon made your nail care way easy with its 3 steps, 3 sided grits filler buffer, which is less risky, handy, and easy to carry while, you are traveling or in-office therefore, it became a must-have beauty tool in your manicure kit.

  • Buffing and filing Remove cuticles and dead skin.
  • No more visits to the costly spa
  • Gives natural shine
  • Polish and glow your nails
  • Prevent fungus and keep nails healthy
  • Only 3 step makes your nails tidy and attractive
  • Helps to keep the manicure last longer

Stimulating Oxygen Supply, Boosting Blood Circulation

Buffing nails cleans the nail edges, polish surface, and makes them breathable, healthy, and oxygenated. This process minimizes the chances of nail infections, rosy tinge, ridges, spots, and lines that actually look tongue-tied when you are in public or on a memorable date. It is far quicker than having a traditional manicure at a spa that ultimately favors working women and mothers.
3 steps buffing block create a highly smooth nail surface, proficiently designed to buff and polish your nails and gives them a perfect look. 3 steps are the same for toenails. Our 3-way nail block extensively covers edges of nails and gives entirely smooth shine and glow.


  • Hold the sponge parallel to your nail
  • Use well in single direction strokes and delicately buff in an X shape to remove line and spots
  • Cover every corner of the nail to get evenly results
  • To refrain from diminishing the nails, utilize 6-8 even strokes only.
  • Avoid repeating until the new nail growth


  • Hold the sponge the same as in step 1.
  • Hold the buff bars, strokes delicately and evenly 4-6 times.
  • Cover each corner to buff potential cuticles
  • Go over this process after 2-3 weeks


  • Keep light pressure on nails
  • Move buffer in tiny, gentle round circles until it reaches a naturally shiny and glowing texture
  • Confidently repeat step 3 after every 2-3 days to maintain a natural glow.

By Ema Zak

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