From acrylics to gels and gels to powder dipped, when it comes to having your nails done at the salon, there are quite a few choices to choose from. At-home manicures will save you a great deal of cash, but within days of application, standard nail polish crystals can be used. That’s why brands have begun offering at-home gel kits that at a portion of the price promise long-lasting salon-quality manicures. Gel polishing kits have taken over the market, but a new at-home manicure process is now available.

Sometimes, a manicure that lasts a full two weeks can seem like a miracle. That’s why the dip powder nails seemed like a best buddy when they reached the ground. No doubt they look dazzling, and react magnificently to other nails. If you are thinking to try dipped nail designs, we have compiled some tips and tricks that you should not oversight.


Somewhere between acrylic and gel nails, dip nails slide and they happen to be one of the longest-lasting nail polish choices out there. It’s a long-lasting manicure that isn’t hardened by UV light. Instead of drawing on lines of liquid, the color comes from dipping the nails into a pigmented powder. A smooth, even coat is the product, normally only done by specialists until now.

Dip powder nails have increased in popularity, but there is at least one woman advising you to proceed with caution before attempting this trendy new service.

Most dip powders are a mixture of liquid and powder of a glue type that hardens when it reaches the air, leaving long-lasting color on your nails minus the need for any cure or dry ultraviolent (UV) lighting. The pungent scent that’s always associated with gel or acrylic is also not there.


Similar to your regular manicure, the procedure includes first scraping any traces of nail polish, filing and shaping your nails, and pushing back your cuticles. Then, the nails are washed clean of any oils that may affect your manicure’s durability. After that, a transparent base coat is added to the nail to prepare the nail polish for your dip. Bear in mind that this is not the same kind of base coat that you would use with a normal nail polish, although they look identical.


The important step is the buffing and shaping of your nails for at-home dip powder manicure. Focus on the space right above your cuticles as you are buffing your nails. You don’t want there to be a huge lump there later, when your nails grow out. A more natural-looking transformation is achieved by thinning and smoothing this area. Just be careful not to thin out too much in this section of your nail, so you don’t over buff your dipping powder with it, Buff out the rest of the nails, too. The space beside the cuticles and the sides appears to be the messiest.

It’s time to shape your nails when you’re finished buffing them. Don’t be scared of getting your dip mixed up. Really, it’s pretty powerful stuff. Finally, finish with a square buffing. You can get nail buffers easily from your ecommerce store FARXON is best at doing its job done every stroke will give you a glimpse of perfection. Here we have mentioned the link so you can get yours easily.


Durability is the main difference between gel and dip powder. It will last up to a month for dip powder manicures, which is twice as long as gel nail polish. Dip powder manicures also don’t need lights for curing. That means you’re not going to have a bulky nail light in your closets or drawers that takes up space, and you’re not going to have to deal with UV exposure.


Let us advise you against it before you go to remove your dip nail polish at home! Since the dip nails are long-lasting, once your nails start growing out, you’ll want to go to the salon to get the polish removed. A related approach to taking off gel polish is the removal of dip powder. The dip powder is first filed down; the remaining polish is then extracted with acetone.


Based on the salon you go to, prices can vary, but usually dip nails cost between $30 and $50. A tip is also popular, so budget for approximately an extra 20 percent of your manicure bill. But a friendly suggestion would be try to get your own kit and tool so you can do it at the comfort of your home by yourself.


If you’re concerned about your nail hygiene, don’t worry your nails will not be ruined by dip powder, but scratching and taking the manicure off will. Scraping a nail stick off your nails removes layers from your natural surface, damaging your nails.

Pros & Cons of Dip Manicure

  • Dip powder nails will eliminate the need to get your nails redone for at least longer than most nail choices out there!
  • Just as gel nail polish provides the nails with a protective coating, dip powder nails do so. This protects against external influences, not to mention that bad habits like chewing your nails will help you hit.
  • Dip nails are just as safe as gel nail polish, and generally better for the nails than acrylics, as far as nail choices go.
  • Dip nails make it somewhat more difficult to do so if you want to change your nails frequently. A different manicure option can be a better choice if you’re someone who gets bored with their nail color quickly.
  • Dip nails do contain acrylic, and over time they will still weaken your natural nails.
  • This is important to prevent possible infection, as bacteria can be spread by dipping your nail into the powder or even pouring it over your nail and allowing the powder to fall back into the bottle.


To get you began, for at-home manicure that can last several weeks, we have rounded up the best dip powder nail sets:

  • Dip powder gel liquid set by Lavender Violets

A base, activator, top coat, and brush saver come with this. It takes the ease of dip powder that provides results for the gel nail. The company says that its chip-resistant dip powder gel does no harm to the nail surface and keeps the polish on for about three weeks. An acrylic powder kit with soft, neutral colors also carries the brand.

  • Holographic Nail Powder by Yuxuan

Go for this holographic nail powder if you already own everything you need to perform the perfect dip powder manicure, but you’re looking to try something new. The mesmerizing shimmer is sure to send your nails a little excitement.

  • Dipping Powder Nail Set for Nail Art by Latorice

This kit includes vitamin E and calcium and no toxins for stronger nails, says the company. Reviewers say they appreciate the instructions that are “just like the salon!” to help them achieve results.

So, In order to rehydrate your nails and keep your cuticles moisturized, invest in some healthy nail after-care products.

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