How to Remove Dip Nails at Home – DIY Guide

how to remove dip nails at home

When you put the time and effort into investing in powder dip nails, it’s important also to take the same amount of time and effort and understand how to take care of them!  Sure, this means keeping them chip-free and crack-free for the 3-4 weeks you can enjoy them. But the most important step is […]

Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas For 2021

Valentines Day Nail Ideas for 2021

Every woman wants to feel truly special on occasions and look exceptionally flaunting when it’s about their nails. The super excited thing about Valentine’s Day Nail Art is it can easily be changed and permits people to play around with different colors and styles. These styles are generally selected by personal likings and individuality. Creating […]

Nail Buffer Blocks – What are They & How to Use Them

What is Nail Buffing

When we talk about buffing nails there are a lot of questions arises in minds about this particular technique and it is hard to get answered all of them at the same platform. The most frequently asked queries on the topic and our ladies are searching for it, we have mentioned in our article. By […]